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Have you moved your pension into a SIPP (self-invested private pensions) to fund the investment?

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  • In a review by the Financial Conduct Authority, more than 1/3 of people who moved their pensions were mis-sold and provided with unsuitable advice.
  • The FSCS has already recognized the problem and has set aside a £120 million compensation scheme for those who have been affected.

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We specialize in helping those who have lost heavily related to investments such as SIPP pensions. We thrive to help most of our customers get the maximum compensation possible to help recoup their losses and return to a stable financial future.

Finding out if you have been mis-sold sipp pension, and claim on your SIPP pension investment Click here to see if you are eligible. SIPP compensation claims are increasing as more and more people are claiming. Many SIPP providers have fallen into administration, for example, The Lifetime Sipp company liquidated on 02 April 2019. If you have had a SIPP with any of these companies, contact us now. Financial services compensation scheme sipp claims are public which enables you to get the sipp pension compensation you deserve.


SIPP Pension Compensation Explained

There are two types of SIPP pensions, Non-standard SIPP / Investment pensions are self-invested private pensions provided by SIPP pension providers who no longer permit non-standard investments.In 2017, The FCA, (Financial Conduct Authority) had asked SIPP pension providers about the high-risk investments they all currently hold. The FCA wanted to immediate action on this market due to the high risk and the high number of complaints from this sector according to statical data from the Financial Ombudsman. A Non-standard SIPP/Investment asset are those that can be realised within 30 days and the asset cannot be valued correctly.

Upon review, 1 in 8 cases may have been mis-sold.

This is when you have been lied about investing into SIPP pensions. As a result, you may be able to claim back. Fight and get back what you deserved and lost.

Back in 2017, the FCA wanted to look into this sector due to the high risk involved. The investigation was lead by the government and they had found much misconduct by FCA approved financial advisers with regards to investments though SIPPS ( Self-invested personal pension). Through their investigation, they have found many flaws related to financial advisors not being transparent on the high risk and most importantly, whether the investment was suitable for their investors. As a result, they were given bad advice in order to be incentivised by way of a kickback (commission). The FSCS has already recognized the problem and has set aside a £120 million compensation scheme for those who have been affected by this SIPP pension scam.

Those who have: 1) been given bad advice on SIPP pensions were pressured or swayed by pressure selling sales techniques, 2) your financial adviser had invested into high-risk investments that you were not aware of, 3) you were not adequately informed about the risk involved, 4) you were not aware of the costs or fees involved.

SIPPS began back in the '80s and they were first introduced to those who were self-employed that didn't have access to company schemes as most employees would have. James Hay Partnership was the first SIPP providers for SIPPS.


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